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NimbleAgence.com specializes in exceptional Shopify development services. With over a decade of experience, we create bespoke stores tailored to your unique business needs. Our skilled designers and developers craft captivating UX + UI Sigma designs to maximize conversions. We also offer effective SEO and PPC strategies to boost traffic and drive sales. From theme development to ongoing maintenance, trust Nimble Agence to elevate your Shopify store with unparalleled expertise.

Build Your Brand-New Shopify Store

At Nimble Agence, we specialize in providing dedicated services to enterprise-level Shopify Plus merchants, assisting them in developing and migrating their e-commerce stores to Shopify. Our distinctive feature lies in our mobile-first approach, which encompasses conversion rate optimization and enhancing the average order value.

Maximize Shopify Efficiency with Bulk Hour

Nimble Agence specializes in supporting Enterprise Shopify Plus Merchants in enhancing and upgrading their existing websites. Our renowned team of Shopify design and development experts is readily available, offering their expertise on-demand, precisely when you need it.

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Build Your Scalable Shopify Store from Scratch

Take full advantage of our no-cost offer to try out our Shopify design and development services. We are delighted to create a fully functional custom front page concept design for your new website, giving you the opportunity to witness our exceptional services firsthand, completely risk-free. There’s no financial commitment required.

Enhance Shopify Efficiency with Bulk Hours

At Nimble Agence, our e-commerce expertise spans a wide range of areas. From optimizing site speed to implementing smart cart upsells, developing customer retention strategies, creating shoppable collection pages, setting up product subscription services, optimizing conversion rates, enhancing average order value, and implementing post-purchase upsells, we excel in various aspects of e-commerce to elevate your Shopify store.

Our Valued Partners

With a decade of unwavering commitment, Nimble Agence has forged exceptional partnerships with industry leaders. Through daily collaboration, we strive to develop compelling technological solutions for Shopify merchants, unlocking the full potential of e-commerce and propelling online stores to unprecedented heights.

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Nimble Agence has supported over 1000+ Shopify stores and helped merchants earn $1.5B Revenue to date. Arctic Grey has 500+ Five Star Reviews and received  28 eCommerce awards.

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