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We provide a solution that transforms Figma design concepts into complete and operational Shopify websites.
Figma to Shopify


At Nimble Agence, we specialize in seamlessly transforming your design vision into a user-friendly and highly responsive website. Our dedicated service focuses on converting Figma designs into captivating Shopify websites, ideal for those seeking distinctive and personalized online platforms. By harnessing the expertise of our seasoned developers and designers, we guarantee a precise translation of your Figma design into a visually stunning and intuitive Shopify website. Our meticulous attention to technical intricacies ensures optimal speed, security, and SEO, allowing you to have a website that excels on all fronts. Experience the synergy of design and functionality with Nimble Agence.

Service Process


Creative Analysis

We begin by closely examining the Figma design to gain a comprehensive understanding client’s vision for their website. Our thorough analysis encompasses the design components and user journey, guaranteeing the delivery of a website that impeccably fulfills their requirements.


Design & Scatches

Our team at Nimble Agence proceeds to craft an elaborate blueprint and illustration of the Shopify website, drawing inspiration from the Figma design. This involves crafting a visual arrangement for the entire website, encompassing not only the main page but also the product displays, checkout sections, and other essential pages.


Prototype & Wireframing


Once the design and concept receive approval, we proceed to craft a prototype and wireframe of your website. This enables you to visualize the appearance and functionality of the website before it advances to the complete development phase.


Delivery & Deploy

Once the client gives the green light to the prototype, we commence the development of your Shopify website, ensuring its complete functionality while optimizing for speed, security, and SEO. Subsequently, we initiate the deployment of your website, equipping you with all essential details and tools to proficiently uphold and refresh the site as needed.

Service Tasks

  • Examination of Figma design
  • Generation of comprehensive design and outline
  • Building of Shopify online platform
  • Enhancement of website speed, safety, and SEO
  • Launching of the website
  • Guidance and assistance for the upkeep and refreshing of the website

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