Customize an Existing Shopify Store

We provide specialized customization solutions for established Shopify stores, meticulously designed to match the distinct demands and preferences of your business.


At Nimble Agence, we recognize the distinct needs of every business. That’s why we proudly provide skilled tailored solutions for established shopify stores. Our proficient team of developers stands ready to collaborate with you in pinpointing your precise requisites and subsequently tailoring your store to perfection. Whether it’s subtle adjustments or sweeping transformations, we’ve got the expertise to manage it all.

Service Process


Creative Analysis

Our Nimble Agency team is poised to undertake a comprehensive evaluation of your current Shopify store, aiming to pinpoint areas necessitating tailored enhancements. Leveraging insights from your brand persona, target demographic, and business objectives, we will craft a bespoke strategy meticulously aligned with your needs.


Design & Scatches

After the analysis phase is concluded, our team of designers at Nimble Agence will craft unique designs and conceptual drawings that harmonize perfectly with your brand’s essence and strategic objectives. We’ll collaborate closely with you to guarantee that the design perfectly captures your store’s envisioned look and feel.


Prototype & Wireframing


Once the design is locked in, we’ll craft a prototype and wireframe of your Nimble Agence store. This step will offer you a tangible preview of the appearance and functionality of your tailored store. It’s a crucial stage before we transition into the development phase.


Delivery & Deploy

Once the personalization phase is finished, we will conduct comprehensive testing of the website to guarantee its seamless operation. Subsequently, we will proceed to implement the tailored website on your Nimble Agence Shopify account, making certain that all your specifications are met and satisfied.

Service Tasks

  • Modifying theme documents
  • Incorporating external applications and services
  • Tailoring code-based solutions
  • Crafting unique pages and functionalities
  • Personalizing the checkout procedure
  • Enhancing the speed and efficiency
  • Rectifying glitches and issues.

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