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At Nimble Agence, we deliver a seamless migration solution, moving your entire data and product inventory effortlessly from Amazon to Shopify.


At Nimble Agence, our specialized service for migrating from Amazon to Shopify has been meticulously crafted to offer you a seamless and streamlined experience. We deeply comprehend the significance of reducing any operational disruptions and upholding the accuracy of your data throughout the migration journey. Our team of proficient professionals is wholly dedicated to orchestrating a flawless shift, prioritizing efficiency every step of the way.

Service Process


Creative Analysis

Prior to the transition, we conduct a comprehensive assessment of your existing Amazon storefront. This analysis encompasses critical information like product specifics, order chronicles, and customer particulars. By doing so, we guarantee the seamless transfer of all your data and the accurate configuration of your fresh Shopify store.


Design & Scatches

We collaborate intimately with you to devise a personalized blueprint and operational process for your fresh online store, meticulously adapted to suit your distinctive business requisites.


Prototype & Wireframing


Once the design and workflow concepts receive your endorsement, we will promptly generate a prototype and wireframe tailored to your upcoming online store. This valuable step allows you to gain insights into the visual and operational aspects of the platform.


Delivery & Deploy

After the migration process is finalized, we will present your freshly designed online store. Our team will seamlessly deploy it onto your chosen domain. In addition, we offer comprehensive training and ongoing support.

Service Tasks

  • Examine existing data from the online shop
  • Create a unique and tailored visual concept for the Shopify store
  • Transfer product information into the Shopify platform
  • Thoroughly validate the accuracy and completeness of the data
  • Formulate a comprehensive strategy and schedule for the transition process
  • Relocate the data from the Nimble Agence Amazon shop to Shopify
  • Thoroughly assess and ensure the flawless operation of the fresh e-commerce platform
  • Deploy and launch the customized Shopify store on the preferred domain
  • Supply guidance and assistance for proficient management of the new online store.

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