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We specialize in the smooth transition of your e-commerce platform from PrestaShop to Shopify, guaranteeing a seamless shift without any compromise to your valuable business


If you’re considering the transition of your e-commerce platform from PrestaShop to Shopify, the Nimble Agence team is at your service. Our proficient experts are ready to provide comprehensive support throughout the entire migration procedure. Our migration strategy encompasses the seamless transfer of your complete dataset, spanning from products and customer details to orders and beyond, ensuring a smooth shift to Shopify without any data compromise or operational interruption. We also take special care to safeguard your SEO rankings and uphold your store’s operational capabilities throughout the migration process.

Service Process


Creative Analysis

We begin by thoroughly examining your online store, meticulously evaluating any foreseeable challenges that could emerge while transitioning to a new platform. Furthermore, we meticulously pinpoint any distinctive custom attributes or functionalities that necessitate seamless migration to the Shopify framework.


Design & Scatches

After a thorough analysis of your store, our team will craft a personalized migration strategy. This strategy will encompass the blueprint, design, and step-by-step process for seamlessly transitioning your store to the Shopify platform.


Prototype & Wireframing


We craft a prototype of your upcoming online store, offering you a tangible preview of the envisioned design for your migrated website. Our process involves developing both a wireframe and a functional iteration of your store.


Delivery & Deploy

Once your new online store is prepared, we’ll hand-deliver it to you with meticulous data migration to ensure a flawless transfer. Our priority is to maintain uninterrupted business operations throughout this process.

Service Tasks

  • Evaluating Your Prestashop store
  • Tailored Strategy for Seamless Migration
  • Efficient Data Transition
  • Adaptation of Unique Features and Functionalities
  • Blueprint Development
  • Skeleton Framework Design
  • Generation of Operational Iteration
  • Support for Handover and Launch

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