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We have the expertise to smoothly transition your online shop from WooCommerce to Shopify with utmost ease at Nimble Agence.


If you’re presently operating your e-commerce platform on WooCommerce but are contemplating a shift to Shopify, Nimble Agence is here to facilitate a seamless transition. Our proficient team is poised to manage the entire migration procedure, guaranteeing a flawless transfer of all your data, an elevated store design, improved functionality, and enhanced performance. Our migration process encompasses a comprehensive evaluation of your current store’s configuration, spanning across products, clientele, orders, and any integrations with third-party services. Subsequently, we’ll meticulously strategize and execute the migration, ensuring that your fresh Shopify store aligns impeccably with your distinctive prerequisites and desires.

Service Process


Creative Analysis

We will begin by evaluating the design, functionality, and performance of your WooCommerce store in order to pinpoint any potential areas that could benefit from enhancement.


Design & Scatches

We will utilize our findings to develop a comprehensive strategy for transitioning your online platform to Shopify. This plan will encompass a redesigned store interface, along with a conceptual representation illustrating the arrangement, and operational capabilities of your forthcoming store.


Prototype & Wireframing


Utilizing our design concept and outline as a reference, we will develop a prototype and wireframe for your upcoming Shopify store. This will grant you the opportunity to visualize the appearance and functionality of the store prior to advancing with the migration process.


Delivery & Deploy

Once the design and functionality of your upcoming website are finalized, we will initiate the migration procedure. This involves seamlessly transferring all your current data and configurations to your platform.

Service Tasks

  • Assessing your existing WooCommerce store configuration
  • Devising a comprehensive strategy to seamlessly transition all your data to Shopify while preserving its integrity
  • Crafting a fresh and tailored layout for your Shopify store in alignment with your specified criteria
  • Constructing a prototype and outline that visually represent the structure and functionality of your upcoming Shopify store
  • Relocating all pertinent elements including products, transactions, and external system connections to your Shopify platform
  • Thoroughly validating the performance and conformity of your newly established store to ensure it aligns with your envisioned outcome.

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