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We possess the capability to assist you in developing a remarkable and entirely operational Shopify store starting from the ground up.


At Nimble Agence, our proficient team of developers and designers stands ready to collaborate closely with you in crafting a tailor-made Shopify store that impeccably aligns with your brand identity and specific business requisites. Throughout the entire journey, commencing from the preliminary strategizing phase to the ultimate unveiling, we are committed to ensuring that your fresh Shopify store is meticulously designed and expertly developed to meet the highest echelons of quality and user-friendliness. With a comprehensive understanding of your enterprise, ranging from your intended audience to your promotional approach, we work diligently to fabricate a distinctive and efficient online emporium that truly reflects your uniqueness.

Service Process


Creative Analysis

We initiate the process by thoroughly examining the business objectives, intended audience, and competitive landscape of Nimble Agence. Through this analysis, we pinpoint essential design and functional prerequisites that will shape the foundation of your online store.


Design & Scatches

At Nimble Agence, our creative team crafts personalized graphics and visual components that perfectly resonate with your brand’s essence, elevating user engagement to new heights.


Prototype & Wireframing


At Nimble Agence, we create dynamic prototypes and wireframes that guarantee your store’s flow and features precisely align with your business requirements and objectives.


Delivery & Deploy

Once the development and testing stages reach their conclusion, we will seamlessly launch your new Nimble Agence online store on your preferred domain. This guarantees a smooth transition for both you and your valued customers.

Service Tasks

  • Discussion regarding store prerequisites and design
  • Tailored creation of Shopify theme
  • Incorporation of external applications and plugins
  • Crafting bespoke Shopify applications
  • Execution of payment and shipping alternatives
  • Thorough store examination and quality validation
  • Assistance for store inauguration and rollout

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