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Nimble Agence’s Refund Policy (hereinafter referred to as the “Refund Policy”) pertains to the provision of intangible and easily reproducible goods and services by Nimble Agence. Please take note that once an order has been fulfilled and the product or service has been delivered or made accessible, Nimble Agence will not issue refunds.


However, in certain exceptional cases where there may have been a compromise in the quality or integrity of the product or service, Nimble Agence will consider a 100% refund if the request is made before the product or service delivery. Additionally, for first-time clients of Nimble Agence, a complete refund will be offered if the client is not completely satisfied with the services provided. This policy embodies Nimble Agence’s commitment to ensuring 100% Customer Satisfaction.


It is the responsibility of the consumer to thoroughly understand Nimble Agence’s refund policies prior to making any purchase. It’s important to recognize that the goods and services offered by Nimble Agence are easily reproducible and cannot be returned or refunded once they have been delivered.


Refund requests will not be applicable to purchases made before June 1st, 2015, services that have been made accessible to the public, or requests made after a period of thirty-five (45) calendar days from the initial payment date. Moreover, refunds will not be provided for bulk hour purchases, marketing campaigns, SEO services, site speed services, graphic design services, or shared screen training services.


We encourage you to review Nimble Agence’s policies before making a purchase, and it’s important to note that lack of understanding of these policies by the consumer will not be the responsibility of Nimble Agence. Refund, return, or exchange requests will not be entertained due to incompatibility of our products with third-party software unless explicitly stated in the product description. We do not guarantee compatibility with third-party programs nor do we offer support for such programs.


Nimble Agence will only consider a refund request under the following circumstances:

  1. First-Time Customer Satisfaction: For new clients of Nimble Agence, a complete refund will be granted if the client is not entirely satisfied with the provided services, in accordance with our 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee.

  2. Major Defects: In the case of significant defects, customers must report the issue to our Technical Support Team within 72 hours of receiving the product or service. Nimble Agence reserves the right to rectify the error within 72 hours. If the error is confirmed and not resolved within the stipulated time, a full refund will be issued. Alternatively, customers may opt for a replacement product or service of similar value. Nimble Agence’s technicians may require temporary access to the customer’s admin account to address the issue. Failure to provide timely access or refusal to grant access will disqualify customers from receiving a refund.

  3. Product Description Discrepancy: Should the product or service not match its description, customers are required to notify our Technical Support Team within 7 days of purchase and present clear evidence of the discrepancy. Refund requests based on false expectations or desires will not be entertained. Evaluation samples are accessible in the free sample templates section.


Refund requests need to be submitted within 7 days of the initial transaction and must include a comprehensive explanation for the request. Requests that are in contradiction with Nimble Agence’s terms and conditions will not be considered. If a refund exception is granted, it will only be executed upon receipt of a signed Waiver of Copyright from the customer.


Our dedicated Technical Support Team is available to address any concerns and assures timely and professional assistance. We appreciate your choice in Nimble Agence’s products and services.

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