Migrate from BigCommerce

Effortlessly transition your e-commerce platform from BigCommerce to Shopify while ensuring seamless data migration.


If you’re considering the shift of your e-commerce platform from BigCommerce to Shopify, rest assured that Nimble Agency has your back. Our proficient team is ready to manage the entire migration journey, ensuring a seamless transition to your new Shopify store. We’ll handle every aspect, ranging from transferring product details and customer records to configuring payment gateways and shipping preferences. Count on our skill and knowledge to guarantee a hassle-free and smooth shift, making your online store’s transition a breeze.

Service Process


Creative Analysis

Prior to commencing the migration procedure, our team at Nimble Agence will perform an extensive evaluation of your existing BigCommerce store. This comprehensive assessment will encompass an analysis of your present site framework, product inventory, customer information, and any integrations with third-party applications that you might have in place.


Design & Scatches

When it concerns the creation of your fresh Shopify store, we will collaborate intimately with you to craft a unique theme that mirrors your brand essence and personal style. Our squad of adept designers will conceive wireframes and drafts to guarantee that the design and user experience align seamlessly with your envisioned outcomes.


Prototype & Wireframing


Once we’ve settled on the ultimate design, we’ll craft a prototype for your upcoming online store. This hands-on preview will grant you the opportunity to experience the visual appeal and operational flow of your upcoming website prior to its official launch.


Delivery & Deploy

Once the transition is finalized, we will collaborate closely with you to conduct thorough testing and validation, guaranteeing the seamless functionality of all components.

Service Tasks

  • Analyze your existing online store comprehensively.
  • Craft a tailored strategy for seamless migration.
  • Migrate all essential product details and customer information securely.
  • Configure your preferred payment gateway and shipping preferences.
  • Conceptualize and design a distinctive Shopify theme.
  • Generate preliminary visual representations and drafts to outline the design direction.
  • Construct an initial model of your prospective Shopify store to visualize the concept.
  • Thoroughly assess and validate the functionality of all components to ensure flawless operation.
  • Execute the deployment of the new Shopify store to your account.

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