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We specialize in providing top-notch UX and UI design solutions tailored specifically for Shopify stores.


At Nimble Agence, we recognize the significance of crafting an immersive and visually captivating user encounter for your clientele. Our specialized services in UX and UI design are meticulously crafted to assist you in attaining this objective, delivering tailor-made designs that impeccably align with your brand identity and intended audience. Through the utilization of Figma, our team of proficient designers will collaborate closely with you to develop a design solution that impeccably suits your distinct requisites and aspirations. By thoroughly studying your brand essence, target demographic, and competitive landscape, we’ll devise a design that seamlessly merges aesthetic allure with the utmost potential for driving conversions.

Service Process


Creative Analysis

We perform a comprehensive evaluation of your brand, its intended audience, and the competitive landscape. This analysis aims to pinpoint the essential design components that will enhance user engagement and encourage higher conversion rates.


Design & Scatches

At Nimble Agency, our expert designers harness the power of Figma to craft bespoke designs that align perfectly with your brand identity and resonate with your desired audience. We maintain a collaborative approach, working hand in hand with you to meticulously shape the design, ensuring it precisely fulfills your unique requirements and objectives.


Prototype & Wireframing


Once the Nimble Agence design reaches its finalization stage, we proceed to craft a prototype and wireframe. These steps are essential to thoroughly assess the design’s alignment with your expectations and ensure its optimal functionality.


Delivery & Deploy

We provide you with the ultimate design in a user-friendly format, perfectly tailored for seamless integration into your Shopify store. Our dedicated team is at your disposal, ready to aid in the rollout process and offer any essential technical guidance you may require.

Service Tasks

  • Examination of brand identity, intended recipients, and competitive landscape
  • Tailored artistic conception employing Figma platform
  • Construction of prototypes and skeletal frameworks
  • Testing and refining of design, with a focus on enhancement
  • Support through the phases of finalization and implementation

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